Science Projects
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Core Programs

Macmillan/McGraw-Hill Science
• Student Edition, Teacher Edition, Ancillaries (Grades K–2)

Scholastic Science Place
• Teacher Edition, Ancillaries (Grade 1)
• Student Edition, Teacher Edition, Ancillaries (Grade 3)

Macmillan/McGraw-Hill Science for ELL
• Student Edition, Teacher Edition (Grades K–6)

Macmillan/McGraw-Hill Health
• Student Edition, Teacher Edition, Ancillaries (Grades K–2)
• Full service through production

Encyclopedias and Other Resources

International Master Publishing
Weird and Wild Creatures,
Information Cards, Spanish Edition (Grades 6–12)

Science Cards

Publications International
Encyclopedia articles, including:
• Waterways
• Northeast Woodlands
• The Changing Oceans
• Whales

Troll, Inc.
Yes! Magazine issues, including:
• Under the Sea
• Night Life
• Bird Watch!

Nature’s Children Encyclopedia of 21 volumes about domesticated animals, including:
• Buffalo
• Farm Birds
• Sea Mammals
• Pet Reptiles
• Tropical Fish
• Working Elephants

Trade Books and
Theme-Based Programs

Habitats Series
Full-service through production
• Arctic Tundra
• Limestone Cave
• Coral Reef
• Douglas Fir
• Ocean Tide Pool
• Saguaro Cactus
• City Park
• Swampland

Full-service through production
• Animals
• Bugs
• Weather
• Senses
• Seasons
• Water